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 Ladder Clamps / Vehicle Roof Rack Clamps


  • Quick to fix.
  • Ladders are securely locked.
  • Light and easy to store.
  • Easy to use.
  • Square and Round roof rack styles.
  • Can fix 2 ladders with one set of clamps.
  • Lockable.
  • Strong, solid fix on Roof Racks.

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Ladders are an important but costly tool in the construction industry and other related trades. Ladder Clamps or Vehicle Roof Rack Clamps assist in securing ladders to vehicle roofs and ensure their safety against theft or falling off and injuring bystanders or damaging other vehicles. With this new innovation the time is past when one would be required to fix their ladders to vehicle roofs with ropes, straps and effort. These Ladder Clamps reduce the time and effort required to fix and secure ladders to vehicle roofs.

Our clamps are available in pairs and manufactured to fit around round and square roof racks. The option of now using pad lock ensures added security. They come in essentially 3 parts (Clamp / Tube, Adjuster / Spinner and Hook).

*Available in – Zinc Plated (Silver & Yellow finish).

*Pad lock not included.

ladder clamps
                        Ladder Clamps

ladder clamps
                        Ladder Clamps